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Steve's Home Page

My name is Steve Whary. Iwa  a retired research chemist with many hobbies including chess (USCF rating at 1900), scuba diving (currently over 300 dives logged), riding my bicycle, running, and computer programming. The picture at the left is me on top of Uncompahgre, a 14er near Lake City, Colorado. 14er' says it is only 14,309 ft high, but wikipedia gives 14,321 ft. So take a few feet away?! Took me three hours to the top two hours back down. I saw a silver fox on the way up the mountain, a variety of red fox, with a white tipped tail. Fairly rare and it was simply trotting along.

I have had a wonderful life!  Through all the cancer, chemo, and various distuprtions in life God has constantly been with me.  He has always been a constant, though friends and family may fall away for a while, He is with me even new.  May Christ be in your heart and in Your life.

Pictures from the Great Barrier Reef

Pictures from Bonaire

The picture on the left is a friendly Black Anemonefish I found on the Great Barrier Reef on Ribbon Reef #3 at a site called Flare Point. This was part of my once in a lifetime trip to Australia, one I've dreamed about for twenty years. Encouraged by my lovely wife, I spent seven days and nights on the high seas 300 miles off the coast of Australia, in the Coral Sea and the GBR.